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Gudars Skymning is a band from the Laplandic woods and mountains in the far north of Sweden. The band get their inspiration from the heavy rock of the sixties and seventies, blues, the traditional Swedish folk music, and the Swedish prog that was big in the seventies. The band thrives on live performance, and even in the studio record the bulk of their albums live!

Gudars Skymning started out in 2006 and recorded their first self titled demo the same year. The band then consisted of Kenny Oswald Dufvenberg, Dennis Sjödin, Tony Östman (Aeon), och Anders Nord. In December the same year a second guitarist, Knut Hassel (Destiny, 7th Planet), was recruited.

2008 saw the band’s debut album “Dansa tillbaks till din grav” (Dance back to your grave) released. The guys didn’t have a record contract at the time, but things would soon change. In 2010 the Italian record label Black Widow / Bloodrock Records released the album “Mörka Vatten” (Dark Waters) on CD and vinyl.

In early December 2012 Gudars Skymning went down to Stockholm to record their third album, this time as a trio consisting of Kenny, Knut and Anders, with Kenny doing triple duties as vocalist, guitarist, and bass player.

In November 2013 Transubstans Records released the new Gudars Skymning album “Höj Era Glas” (Raise Your Glass).
Current line-up:
Kenny-Oswald Dufvenberg - Guitar, Vocals
Knut Hassel - Guitar
Magnus Hasselstam - Bass
Dennis Sjödin - Drums

Origin: Sweden
Status: Active