Three years after "Höj Era Glas", GUDARS SKYMNING is now releasing their brand new studio album "Till Detta Var Jag Nödd Och Tvungen". It took five days to record this album, which is a record in this Northern Swedish bands' history as they usually work extremely fast. Only this time, they gave themselves more time to work with atmosphere and arrangement in the studio.

Just like on earlier releases, all the basics are recorded live with the whole band in the same room to capture the right feeling. GUDARS SKYMNING this time delivers an album with a dystopian undertone, but they manage to keep their two trademarks - groovy, heavy riffs and lyrics in Swedish!
GUDARS SKYMNING: Till Detta Var Jag Nödd Och Tvungen
02 Ur Askan
03 Djupa Revor
04 Gånge-Rolf
05 Ormens Ägg
06 Arla I Urtid
07 Till Detta Var Jag Nödd Och Tvungen
08 Kaisers Testamente
09 Vedergällning
10 Strövtåg I Mörkveden
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Released: 2016-02-19
Format: CD, Digipack
Cat #: TRANS139
Style: 70's Rock / Hard Rock
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