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You get all that you could want from this type of music: anthemic, groovy, hard rocking psychedelic tunes, with wah-wah and fuzz guitar, heavy organ sounds, husky and heavily accented vocals (reminding me just a little of those of Nico), great guitar solos, acid flashbacks… okay, maybe not the acid flashbacks, but everything else is there for you in spades. Skyron Orchestra do manage to produce their own sound, which is perhaps on the slightly heavier side of psych rock (more Velvet Underground, Hendrix, Sabbath and Vanilla Fudge, with some of the contemporary heaviness of Orange Goblin and Soundgarden, and maybe even some Goth rock tendencies on display), and the band produce some great musical interplay (with Tomas Modig coming across as a particularly fine guitarist) as part of a series of catchy and very atmospheric rock songs.
Origin: Sweden
Status: Dissolved