SKYRON ORCHESTRA is a new fresh band from Gothenburg coming with their debut album. 5 musicians being born far too late, paying their ode to the old psychedelic / progressive scene with this 10 tracker that features both short potentional hits, as well as longer instrumental songs. Features lots of retro organ sounds as well as guitars / bass and drums. Also, vocalist sounds at times a bit like Mariska Veres out of SHOCKING BLUE. Guitarrist we used to find in the 90's band called LOTUS handling the 4 string bass guitar, but this time it's guitar. All in all, a very good release that brings the best out of the 60's & 70's psych / progressive scene, adding a heavy touch to it, without being too much hardrock. Fabulous band !!
SKYRON ORCHESTRA: Skyron Orchestra
Free Ride
02 The Tunnel
03 Call It Love
04 Earthly Ground
05 Soft Palate
06 Nobody's Diary
07 The Doll
08 Exploding Mind
09 Pax Aeterna
10 Alena

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Released: 2004-10-12
Format: CD, Jewel Case
Cat #: TRANS004
Style: Progressive / Psychedelic
Order: CD