Origin: Sweden
Status: Dissolved

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Drahk von Trip - Rockin Animistic Magical Music. Drahk von Trip - is a six piece band from Malmö, Sweden, performing progressive psychedelic acid rock strongly influenced by 70s prog and spacerock with female vocals, featuring ethnic sounds and field recordings blended with expressive lyrics. The lyrics and music create various moods and a suggestive feeling, often built up through a soft and floating shape into an intensely wild and chaotic state. The process of creating the music together, starts with free form improvisations. Then the material becomes fairly strictly arranged, although it is impinged with improvised parts.

The story: Three of the members, Göran, Mats and Ralph, has played together for around ten years in a band occasionally named Mr. G. Mr. G was dealing a lot with free form improvisations and also working as a band supporting and performing together with improvised theater and happenings. Time flew: The band felt a need of widening the musical horizon and a decision was made to find new musical soul mates. After a while Twodox showed up and joined the band with his strange kind of instruments as playing, later on also the guitarist Micke popped up with some spacey, jazzy and trippy approach. Finally Susanne joined with her violin, flutes and dark mysterious vocals. This together with Görans fluid and adventured drumming, Mats spacey guitar melodies and aggressive tone, Ralph with the singing bass and sense of structural grooves formed Drahk Von Trip as it is today. Now this were cooking in the late of 2003. This new band mainly using the same working model as Mr.G. Free form improvisation "Collective Spontaneous Real-time Composing". Sometimes individually created themes, melodies and songs are blended in to the process.

After a lot of jamming and gigs, Drahk recorded the demo EP IS US in September 2004. The demo IS US has been available in two different versions, and was kindly distributed by Transubstans Records The Demo brought a lot of attention to progressive radio stations, magazines and internet sites. And then 2005 the first full length studio album Heart & Consequence was released on Transubstans Records/ Record Heaven.