1981. Four very young guys - Allan Soerensen, Thomas Kromann, Morten Barth and
Michael Sonne was driving a black beetle Volkswagen through the guarded gate in
Copenhagen airport north entrée toward the control tower raising up 40 meter
above ground, and underneath in a hollow concrete basement, Wasted was
named and baptized, did their first tiny distorted tones and made big plans for
what was about to come.

1982. Wasted was reinforced with Thomas X.Mas on guitar and did some jobs in
clubs and bars, and made the first demo cassette tape called “Wasted Crew” which
contained six tracks.

1983. Wasted made another cassette demo called “Wasted”, April 1983 with four
tracks, and later same year they made yet another demo cassette tape called
“Madman” which contained five tracks, and these five songs became the ground
foundation and the red line for all Wasted ‘s music and song writing. Danish
records companies was contacted but nobody was interested in heavy metal

1984. Wasted became more heavy and more metal with this five track demo.
Wasted made a split-deal contract with Midas Records on first album and full
financed on second album. And so the partly self-financed" Halloween... The Night
Of" was a reality.
Wasted then went on a tour in Denmark in order to promote the album (1000
copies made).
They also started to write songs for the second album, and made a one track trail
demo in new studio locations.

1985. Wasted records the second album. Midas Records is not satisfied with the
new Wasted songs and the message was “You should look and sound more like
Twisted Sister or Bon Jovi”. Wasted cancelled the contract with Midas Records and
Allan Soerensen put his savings in finishing the Wasted project. Wasted´s bass
player Thomas Kromann leaves the band, and Johnny FW Nielsen takes his place
finishing the missing parts and some tracks on the recording. Drummer Morten
Barth and guitarist Thomas X.mas leaves the band for other projects and then the
shit hits the fan. Wasted was slowly shrinking into final convulsions, two guys left
Allan Soerensen & Michael Sonne, a record 95% finish. Everything fell apart and
Wasted´s second “record” became a master tape on to 10½ inch reel-to-reel tape
BASF boxes.

1987. Wasted try forces again with drummer Morten Barth, bass Flemming Buhl
Olsen, guitar Lasse Hvidman, guitar Allan Soerensen and vocal Michael Sonne.
Wasted makes a few new songs, some nasty sounding rehearsal demo´s and then
WASTED dies.

2013. Magic Metal Festival Fredericia Denmark / Promoter promise to poison and
kill members of the Wasted family if they didn’t reunite the band and preformed
at MMF 2013. Reunion Wasted is drums Morten Barth, bass Thomas Kromann,
guitar Allan Soerensen, vocal Michael Sonne and the new guy in the gang on guitar
Nicklas Sonne from Defecto and Malrun. MMF Fredericia was a huge success for
Wasted and the band lives on to do a few more jobs in 2013 and 2014 and maybe

2014. Wasted starts a collaboration with Denomination Records in Sweden, and
soon there was an official reissue of "Halloween... The Night Of" and "Final
Convulsion", and this CD that included both.
Origin: Denmark
Status: Active

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