Origin: Denmark
Status: Active

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In 1945, Claus Clement Pedersen, best known as TØMRERCLAUS, was born.
His musical path started out early and he began to learn to play instruments like clarinet and guitar, when he was 12 years old.

In the late 60's TØMRERCLAUS was drifting around as a hippie in the Danish quarters, with a wish to make a living out of music.
He played guitar with the beat group THE DODGERS in 1965, and from there he formed the trio FIRE, a band that focused on JIMI HENDRIX songs.

In 1976, things took a major turn when TØMRERCLAUS started the KARMA MUSIC studio and label - a  sanctuary for expressive, creative, innovatory musicians and even punk groups. Among these was Sods (later Sort Sol) and an Turell & Sølvstjernerne More than 50 titles was released on Karma Music's label.

The first release of KARMA MUSIC was his self-titled album (1978), that Transubstans proudly re-issues in 2014.