Current line-up:
Sartez Faraj - Vocals, Guitar
Olle Risberg - Bass
Christian Eriksson - Drums

Origin: Sweden
Status: Active

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When THREE SEASONS was formed in 2009, it was clear as day that the project was of greatest potential. Now, five years later, there has been many grand accomplishments, and more still is certainly coming up! The third full-length album GROW is set to be released this spring, and a quick look at the history of the band suggests that this album really will be something special.
Looking back, the first validation of the band's possibilities was their debut album LIFE'S ROAD,released 2011 through renowned Swedish label TRANSUBSTANS RECORDS. This 9-song double vinyl was highly appreciated by fans and media, and recieved countless top grades from reviewers all over the world; many of them even considered it one of the best albums of the whole year! The album also went into the official Swedish album charts multiple times, peaking at 45th place.
More importantly still, this first album clearly stated the distinctive soundal foundation of the band. With its core of heavy blues rock and jammy psychedelica, laced with touches from folk music, groovy funk and even jazz, critics agreed that Life's Road was in no way just a mere rip-off of the old heroes. On the contrary, the sound on the record was just the sound of Three Seasons.

Following this release, the band proceeded to put out a 7-inch single named ESCAPE, which also recieved nothing but great words from the listeners. With these two releases in the bag, the band went all over Spain for a long tour in the beginning of 2012, generating full houses and happy Spaniards as well as many sold records. In this period, comparisons with giants such as Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin and The Experience were again frequent by fans and reviewers alike, but still never without assuring that Three Seasons clearly has a sound of their own.

In the fall of 2012, the band released the second LP, UNDERSTAND THE WORLD. Although in the same musical style as the debut, this sophomore album was nevertheless an evolution for the sound of the band. Whereas a signum of the debut record was its atmospheric and melodic feel, UNDERSTAND THE WORLD instead took a step toward being rough, hard-hitting and, as they say, ”in your face”. Critics were as happy as before - ”I enjoy every second”; ”Three Seasons are
better than Deep Purple has been on many of their albums”; ”Definitely one of the great albums of 2012” - and the album peaked as 16th in the charts.
In support of this second release, the band went to Europe once again in the spring of 2013; this time time the route went through several of the biggest countries on the continent. Just before the tour started, the Life's Road CD had been sold-out and re-pressed, and when the band arrived home with almost no vinyls left it was clear that more re-presses were called for by the public. Thus, in the summer of 2012, new vinyl pressings of both albums were released by major Dutch distributors CLEAR SPOT. After more festival shows in Sweden, Three Seasons started the preparations for the third album by the end of 2013. The year was truly ended in finest fashion when Spanish magazine ”Rock The Best Music” chose the band as one of the ten best 70's-style bands of the whole century!

In the beginning of 2014 the recordings started, and now the awaited third album "Grow" is released. It was very anticipated by fans and media - some already think of it as a candidate of the best album of 2014! - so without any doubt, this is one not to miss.