Origin: Sweden
Status: Dissolved

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The Divine Baze Orchestra was founded by Oliver Eek and Christian Eklöf in 2003. Alexander Frisborg and Tobias Petterson soon joined the band and years of excessive gigging and writing followed.
In 2006 the line-up was completed with Daniel Karlsson. Shortly after recording their highly regarded debut album, Tobias left the band for personal reasons.
Bass player Joel Berntson (GRYNINGSTID, NANGIALA etc) was asked to join and he accepted the invitation. Mattias Johansson (GRYNINGSTID), keyboards, also joined to give the band a new dimension of sounds.. During the summer of 2008 Daniel Karlsson left the band and after a few auditions Joel Lööf (THE HAZEFLOWER EXPERIMENT) was chosen to handle the organ. All of the newcomers have adapted well to the calm life in the forrest.

Described often as raw, unusual, innovative and interesting, The Divine Baze Orchestra never seize to impress audiences and critics around the globe, be it on stage or on record. Lately DBO has started taking a stand against the crimes against nature that are being committed by people around the world.