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We are THE CHAIR. When one American Singer-songwriter, four Swedish instrumentalists, and a massive array of heavy grooves met up, melted down, and gave the sounds and songs their textures, The time for the new lifestyle had arrived...at last. This is 70's Hard Rock, sometime between then and into the future. A tap on the back, a reminder of what Hard Rock sounded like in the beginning and why it sounded at all. Takeing listeners back to an era of masters, and at the same time tuned in and turned on, with a vibe in the now. This and that, brings us our own sound. Stir it up, push play and let the melodies unfold memories old and new. A warm breeze into the common conscience of where the many are currently musicaly desensitized. It Fills the void. A ripple in time, rideing the wave, disrupting the daily grind. With full complement the platform awaits THE CHAIR.
Origin: Sweden
Status: Dissolved