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Thalamus spawned in 2006 from former members of "Cryonic temple",
"Kjell-Ronnys pop orchestra" and "Lavskäggä". Kjelle met up with Janne and Basse and formed Thalamus. A month later Peter joined the band. Out of this came the highly acclaimed cd "Beneath a dying Sun" Sadly Jan Cederlund and Håkan Danielsson left Thalamus 2010. They were replaced by Mats Gesar and Joakhim Åslund. The new album named "Subterfuge" will be released at the end of this summer on Transubstans Records. Meanwhile please enjoy their new single "Blind" on video or download it for your own listening pleasure at Amazon. The music they create together can simply be explained as: Beautiful, groovy, heavy and brutal riffing heavy Rock.

Five guys with a love for 70's heavy Rock doing what they enjoy the most.
Make music, play live, drink beer and just living it up.
Current line-up:
Kjell Bergendahl - Vocals, Guitar
Peter Johansson - Bass
Magnus Karlsson - Drums
Mats Gesar - Guitar
Joakhim Åslund - Hammond & Keys

Origin: Sweden
Status: Active