Current line-up:
Håkan - Vocals, Guitar
Johannes - Drums
Hampe - Bass, Vocals

Origin: Sweden
Status: Active

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There is one being that is regarded to be one of the most beautiful things on this planet. With wings so colorful that is blows your mind away The Brimstone Butterfly stuns anyone that has the privilege to see it. One cannot watch this perfect creation without letting their mind be free nor will the mind be free until the butterfly has been seen. The Butterfly spread her yellow wings and uses the wind like an element of her own. The sun try to cast a shadow of envy on the Butterfly, but even something as powerful as the sun will see itself in pity when this useless attempts are made. Once every year for a glimpse of a moment the world stands frozen as this day all the Brimstone Butterflies joins in a ceremony above everything else. This day all the Butterflies spread their wings and set out for the sky, creating a yellow cloud of love and therefore creating the one day were love is surrounding us all. This day should not go under any other name then The Brimstone Days.

Just close your eyes and dream away to the 60 - and 70's rock, listening to an energetic band with a groove you can not stand still to. You will be filled with the feeling that clearly we can move mountains if we help each other. The Brimstone Days, shortened TBD, is a band from Malmö with a target set on becoming a great live act, a goal which they have already reached.

The start of the bands crooked path begins in the aftermath of an Australia Tripp. After a year of travel was Hakan Lanz and John Malmqvist back home, but soon began the boredom to take over. They decided that they needed to do something about it and started the blues / rock duo Blue Windmills. A sound was created and the streets of Lund was uncertain of spontaneous music.