Current line-up:
Bengtsson Von Frankenchrist - Vocals, Guitar
Ekan - Bass, Vocals
Peder Romansoff - Drums, Backing Vocals

Origin: Sweden
Status: Active

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The savage barbarians of Malmö, Sweden are here to mislead and seduce.
The riders of the apocalypse is here to bring the radical party to the last day of mankind.
Hick-octane punk rock like there’s no tomorrow with heroes like Johnny T, and Stiv carefully watching.

Suicide Syndicate was formed in 2009 by vocalist and guitarist Bengtsson. Previously known from Swedish Horror Punks The Mobile Mob Freakshow. Together with bassist Ekan (ex The Kalashnikov Orchestra) and drummer Peder Romansoff  they are doing their best to fuck thinks up. In a good way.

The  first release from Suicide Syndicate was the 10’ EP “Dead Generation”  released in 2009. The critical acclaimed debut album “Bad Wolves Eat Small Pigs” came in 2011. The second album ”In it for Life” was released 2013, a Punk Rock punch in the face with a taste  of blood and revenge.

When  it comes to live gigs Suicide Syndicate is nothing short of  spectacular, infamous of bringing chainsaws on stage and in the pit, you  will never know what's gonna happen at a show. Suicide Syndicate  deliver each and every night and doesn't give up until they won the war.

The new album ”Savage Barabarians - Have Feelings Too” stakes out the direction for the future to come. More catchy, still harder and more straight in your face without loosing the fun.

All members in SUICIDE SYNDICATE are also involved in PROJEKT EKAN, street-punk sung in Swedish. Debut album on Switchlight Records 2012.