Current line-up:
Janne Bengtsson - Vocals, Harmonica
Patrik Berglin - Guitar
Petter Englund - Guitar, Vocals
Patric Carlsson - Bass
Thomas Jönsson - Drums

Origin: Sweden
Status: Active

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Skånska Mord was founded in 2006 by members from the then-defunct bands Half Man and Mothercake. Janne Bengtsson and Patric Carlsson have been playing together for 16 years in Half Man and before that for even more years in various constellations, pretty much inseparable through both their musical careers. Half Man released two full-length albums - The Complete Field Guide for Cynics (1999) and Red Herring (2002), the first being a self-released private pressing and the second released through the Italian label Beard of Stars. Janne Bengtsson and Patric Carlsson were also in the band Tectonic Break that contributed one track to the Small Stone Records compilation Sucking the 70’s 2002. Patrik Berglin, Thomas Jönsson and Petter Englund all came from Mothercake, another long-lived band. Mothercake also released one privately pressed album, an eponymous effort in 2003. Both bands shared one split single, aptly titled Half Man vs. Mothercake Vol. 1, in 1999.

The different band members all have at least two things in common. First the fact that they all come from the same place, Örkelljunga, a small village in the south of Sweden. The three older members Janne Bengtsson, Patric Carlsson and Patrik Berglin have been friends since their early teenage years. The second thing in common is the love for old 70’s hard and heavy rock. A lot of inspiration has been gathered through the years from Jan Bengtsson’s and Patric Carlsson’s sizeable collections of vintage vinyl, amongst the rich amounts of hard rock, progressive, blues and psychedelia. In some way this shared musical background have given birth to a special sound which is distinctive as coming from Örkelljunga. Where Half Man played a blues based heavy rock and Mothercake had more metal inclinations it still had that same sound. A sound with one foot firmly planted in the seventies, yet going somewhere fresh and new.

One thing the band always had is the ability to deliver powerful live perfomances - with a stage presence like no-one else, they shared stage with acts like Graveyard, Spiders, Abramis Brama, Imperial State Electric and more.
Skånska mord has released two full-length albums for the US label Small Stone Records - The Last Supper (2010) and Paths to Charon (2012).
With these two efforts behind them, Skånska Mord started a collaboration with Transubstans Records (Sweden), and as a result a self-titled 12'' EP is on it's way out.
This consists of four explosive tracks in the same dynamic manners that Skånska Mord always delivered. It even features a guest appearance of the legendary Swedish guitarist Janne Schaffer!