Siena Root is an experienced live act and an experimental project with its roots in analogue old school rock music. The group was founded in Stockholm in the late ‘90s. The sound is classic but yet original, based on heavy organ, howling guitars, bass riffing and big drums. It is also often enriched with bluesy soulful vocals, various guest musicians and psychedelic vibes.

Siena Root is well known for its unique spectra of appearances, its many great guest artists, its broad musical range and its different interpretations of rock music. It's a constant transforming group, ranging from acoustic sitar to distorted hurdy gurdy. Yet, with a foundation in a traditional root rock, and a sound rooted in late 60s analogue gear.
Don't expect to experience the same Siena Root show twice.

In the sense that blues is blue, hard rock is black, and reggae is pan African coloured,
this music has the colour of siena. It is a warm colour, originally from the muddy roots of
the earth. Because this sound has roots that go deep, it was also natural to let root be a
part of the bands name. Four full length studio albums, one live album, one DVD and one 7” single have been released  so far, each one marking the development and refinement of the bands diverse style. Through touring the music has developed in such a way, that jamming and improvising has become an essential element, always keeping you on the edge of your seat. A Siena Root concert is dramatic and exciting, visually, as well as emotionally. It's a dynamic rootrock experience.
Origin: Sweden
Status: Active

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