Origin: Sweden
Status: Dissolved

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The story of San Michael’s started way back in the summer of 1964 when a schoolmate, who played drums in a pop group, asked Hans Lundin if he was interested in playing organ and singing in his band. This band, “The Shakemen”, was the beginning of Hans musical career. After a few months the name was changed to “S:t Michael Sect”. Like most bands of the time they played mostly covers. The band was successful, rated in Oslo as the best Nordic pop group of 1965. The band recorded three singles, of covers and original compositions penned by guitar player Thomas Frisk. Over the years they changed members and styles. In 1968 Tomas Eriksson became the bands bassist.

In 1970 the name was shortened to “San Michael’s”. At this time they had started to write songs with Swedish lyrics. Later this year two of the members left the band and the remaining musicians continued playing as a trio forming their own style built around Hammond organ, bass and drums. They continued to write new songs in Swedish but they also played covers in their own characteristic arrangements in combination with longer jam-sessions.

In 1971 the band recorded an eponymous LP with original material only.

During the summer of 1971 the band toured with “Emile Ford”. For this tour they needed a temporary guitar player and they asked Nane Kvillsäter to join them. During the spring of 1972 Nane was invited to be a permanent member of the band.

A second album was recorded in 1972, but never released until 2009. These two albums were recorded at ULAB Studio in Uppsala with just two two-track tape recorders and it was their first meeting with sound engineer Leif Mases. The band continued touring in Sweden and Norway but in January 1973 the group was finally split. One reason was that Gunnar Westbergh was invited to play with Swedish organ player Merit Hemmingsson. Hans continued to work with Tomas Eriksson and Nane Kvillsäter backing "Harpo" on his first tour with the band “Harpo’s Helicopter”. Later this year Hans and Tomas formed the band “URA-KAIPA”. At this time a record company wanted to release two songs from the second San Michael’s album as a single and they decided to use the new name URA-KAIPA. The single För sent / Bay-e bay-o was relesed in 1974. Later the same year the bands name was shortened to KAIPA.