Origin: Sweden
Status: Dissolved

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Radiomobel was formed in Lund in 1973. Their debut album, "Tramsebox", was recorded in ANdrus Kangro's basement in 1975 with just a Revox tape recorder and two microphones. The mostly Swedish-language vocals were added in a professional studio and the band pressed 250 copies on their own label Chockskivor.
The album delivers strange primitive music with a dark feel and is highly sought after by collectors of rare psychedelia. Simonsson, Sundin and Martensson had all left
by the time of the second album and new recruits included female vocalist Carin Bohman. The music was more progressive, but still retained a basement feel.
Radiomobel continued with several line-up changes and made two compilation appearances in the 80's before folding in 1994. Both of their albums have been
reissued on CD by the Transubstans label.