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NYMF is a heavy rock band from south Sweden that is stationed near the small town of Karlshamn in Blekinge.
The band was formed around 2007 by the singer Niklas Sjöberg (also the singer from "The Graviators") and the guitarist Kristofer Stjernquist.

Their basic music idea was to create a mix of the genres they love the most - Doom, Stoner rock and Metal.

In 2008 NYMF recorded their first demo with Johan Blomström (Kaptain Sun, Spice and the RJ Band) in his studio "Soundpalace" in Svängsta.
They got very nice reviews of their demo in the Swedish music magazines; "CLOSE-UP" and "SWEDEN ROCK MAGAZINE".
Thomas Tjäder (At the Gates, In Flames, Soilwork, The Haunted etc) made their first music video "Man´s End", and this very demo happened to fall in the taste of Transubstans Records that released their self-titled album in 10/10 - 2010.

After Niklas and Martin were finished with The Graviators second album "Evil deeds", NYMF took contact with the same producer Berno Paulsson (The Haunted, Spiritual Beggars) and recorded two new songs "Fear of the doom" and "Possessed" that
was released  in 2013.
NYMF has made many changes in members since the start and today
NYMF consists of Niklas Sjöberg - Vocals (The Graviators), Kristofer Stjernquist - Guitar (Seeds of Cider, Trollfnask), Martin Fairbanks - Guitar (The Graviators), Robin Ingemansson - Bass guitar (Unfaithful) and Thommy Lindskog - Drums (Wulfgar).
Their latest effort "From The Dark" was released by Transubstans Records in late September, 2013.
Current line-up:
Niklas Sjöberg - Vocals
Kristofer Stjernquist - Guitar
Martin Fairbanks - Guitar
Robin Ingemansson - Bass
Tommy Lindskog - Drums

Origin: Sweden
Status: Active