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The beginnings of MOTHER MISERY dates back to the year 2004. The vocalist, guitarist and composer John Hermansen, who also have performed in the bands THE AWESOME MACHINE and STONEWALL NOISE ORCHESTRA, started MOTHER MISERY with guitarist Thomas Piehl.

In March 2004 the debut album ‘Grandiosity’ was released and followed by tours around Sweden. At the end of 2004 drummer Jens Wide and bass player Örjan Baudin left the band and got replaced with Jimmy Lindbergh and Marcus Jäderholm.

In 2005 the band got signed by the German Daredevil Records and played tours around Europe. The debut got top reviews from all over the world and after sometime on the road the studio was entered again.

MM released the maxi EP ‘For The Crows’ in January 2006 as a teaser of what would come. FTC would just like ‘Grandiosity’ receive top reviews from fans and media from all over. The band recorded their first video at this time on the song “Take A Good Look’.

By April 2007 the new album ‘All Eyes On You’ saw the light of day and with that album MOTHER MISERY took a few steps away from the stoner sound of Grandiosity and leaned more into the heavy rock sound, a video was recorded on the song “My Soul”.

Now followed tours around Europe and the fan base grew bigger and bigger. ‘All Eyes On You’ got top reviews from all over the world and from magazines such as Metal Hammer, Rock Hard, Close Up, Legacy, Sweden Rock and Aardschok Magazines.

In January 2008 Marcus left the band and got replaced with Stiff Hell on the bass. After touring for some years on the last release the work on the next album would start and in the end of 2009 they had 20 new killer songs written.

MOTHER MISERY entered the Swedish Studio Underground early 2010 with producer Pelle Saether. At this point the band is signed with Transubstans Records and MM, label and management is now working with everything around the new record STANDING ALONE which was released 3rd of November by Transubstans Records.
Origin: Sweden
Status: Active