If you are into music based on a totally free and non-restrictive approach you could choose to spend a few hours with the new untitled CD from the Danish band MANTRIC MUSE. All the songs on the CD are made from a large catalogue of jams, which have been mapped, dissected and then re-created into parts. The different parts have afterwards been rearranged towards whole songs. Hereby, the base and the structures of the songs avoid most formal rules and fixed concepts (except the overall concept of organizing jams). The band tries to maintain the special freshness - the here and now - of the jams in the songs, so listeners can sense the present vibe of the original jams in the songs. Normally MANTRIC MUSE describes their music as music for neural travelling, and potentially the songs, which are all instrumental and also quite long, crafts a short break from the everyday life. Recommended for fans of ÖRESUND SPACE COLLECTIVE, OZRIC TENTACLES, VESPERO.
MANTRIC MUSE: Mantric Muse
02 Sindbad Søfareren
03 Cinope
04 Sfunx
05 Azur
06 Gnoxience
Deep Sea Cheops
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Released: 2012-11-28
Format: CD, Digipak
Cat #: TRANS102
Style: Space Rock
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