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A couple of years back in the small town of Enköping, where even the tumbleweed was starting to feel lonely and bored, four guys got together and started jamming over a bottle of the finest crap whiskey they could afford. The end result was amazing...ly not that good. The booze got the better of that night.

Although, from that moment a little seed was planted and for sure this time it was not going to grow up to be a boring lonely tumbleweed.

Coming from different backgrounds of rock the members of Manny Ribera form an entity capable of delivering the grooves and big sound of the seventies, coupled with the melodic eighties, screaming through the grunge and metal of the nineties and landing in the heavy stoner rock from the new millennium.

Combining these elements a big, dynamic and refreshingly raw sound is delivered right into your spinal cord, starts rocking your caveman genes, making it impossible not to put your chin out and grow beard whilst banging your head. (Beware, the beard growing thing does not exclude females or a likes)

That's what Manny Ribera is all about, having the time of our lives. Playing the best god damned rock there is and letting everybody join the ride. Do you wanna have a go?
Current line-up:
Peter Larsson - Vocals, Guitar
Adde Lindqvist - Drums
Daniel Andersson - Bass, Vocals
Joakim Sörman - Guitar

Origin: Sweden
Status: Active