Mangrove is a heavy power trio from Sweden. Their successful debut album "Endless Skies" (2009) led to a lot of gigs and many great reviews. A year later came the darker and more heavy sounding album "A Distant Dream Of Tomorrow" (2010). After a few years of absence from the limelight Mangrove awoke for some gigs, writing new material, rehearse and finally entered the studio to record the third album, which they say is the best so far. The new album, "Days Of The Wicked" is a blend between the two first albums, but with a more edgy and progressive sound. Mangrove is like a newborn spirit ready to break new ground and reach the endless skies.
MANGROVE: Days Of The Wicked
Different Pages Of Life
03 Into The Light
Days Of The Wicked
05 Mangronaut
07 Drift Away
In The Shade

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Released: 2016-03-18
Format: CD, Digipak
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Style: 70's Hard Rock
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