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The life of Magnolia started in the town of Åmål in Sweden 1994 when Ronny Eriksson started to write his own music. Inspired by the music from the late sixties and the early seventies he recorded his first songs on a Fostex 4-track portable studio. The project was called MAGNOLIA after an old BLUE CHEER-song, "Magnolia caboze babyfinger". Ronny played the bass, guitar, keyboards and sung and the drums was played by Anders "Heda" Hedström. The debut album , "MAGNOLIA" (Trans 021/Transubstans Records), was recorded between 2003 and 2006 (two recording sessions) in Love Tholin’s "Drop out analogue studio" in Åmål. Love who also plays guitar with Jack Vreeswijk (son of the famous Swedish artist Cornelis Vreeswijk) plays guitar on the song "Resa utan slut" (Endless journey). The drums are played by Anders Hedström and Ronny’s younger brother Tomas Eriksson. On the folk music inspired song "Dalsländsk Polska" Carl-Fredrik Eriksson is playing trombone.
Second album, "FALSKA VÄGAR" (Trans 038/Transubstans Records), is recorded between late 2007 and early 2008 in the same recording studio as the first album.
In 2010, they released their third effort ”STEG FÖR STEG”, once again on the Transubstans label, and now they return with the eagerly awaited ”TÄNK SJÄLV”!
The music of MAGNOLIA contains lots of improvisations and have the roots in the bluesbased progressive rock music a la CREAM, NOVEMBER, WEST,BRUCE AND LAING, HIGHWAY ROBBERY, MOUNTAIN and their likes. The lyrics are all sung in Swedish for the right feel! Hope you enjoy the world of MAGNOLIA!
Current line-up:
Ronny Eriksson - Vocals, Bass, Guitar, Keyboards
Nicklas Bergsland - Drums
Jonas Andersson - Guitar

Origin: Sweden
Status: Active