After the incredible critics success with their last album "The Crown Of Creation", Norway's Lucifer Was is back again with their sixth outing.  "The Crown of Creation" was heralded in the rock media worldwide as a masterpiece.  A few also asked the big question: How can they follow up this?  Here's the answer. "DiesGrows" in all it's glory.  From the opening chords of "Afterlife" you are sucked into the universe of Lucifer Was.  And, you will be held there until the last chord of the ultra heavy and partly symphonic last track, "Yellow House", ends with the hum of Thore Engen's Marshall amps bidding goodbye.

Ten brand new tracks, no orchestra this time around, but it's hard to avoid thinking that in spite of "The Crown Of Creation", this is Lucifer Was again at their peak.  Dead heavy, intricate arrangements and harmonies, high energy level and top notch songwriting.  As usual, bandleader and guitarist Thore Engen has written all the lyrics.  They are a thematic continuation from "Crown" though with some surprising realistic twists as the bulk of it was written during a three months stay at a rehab clinic. 

"DiesGrows" is a blast of energy, but still filled with elegance and flow.   Jon Ruder delivers the songs with such gusto and feeling that his vocal performances on these ten songs may be his best ever.  The guitars also scream and riff heavier than ever.  Einar Bruu's overdriven bass supplies a solid and brutal template, while Rune Engen's drumming once again proves that he's one of the best sticks man around in this genre.  The blast of the Hammond organ and other keyboards embrace the pieces with power and subtlety.  As the icing on top, Lucifer Was' trademark flutes are featured throughout the whole trip.  Original Lucifer Was flautist Anders Sevaldson guests as the second flute player.

This strange band has again expanded their musical world and their "DiesGrows" has defined the term PowerProg!  This is a unique album, something else, that we here at Transubstans Records are proud to present .
The Devil Is The Boss Animal
Crazy World Turns To Me
I'm Cornered
I Am Outside
Glass Shoe
Silver Spoon
From Behind Everbody's Blind
10 Yellow House

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Released: 2014-09-10
Format: CD, Jewel Case
Cat #: TRANS130
Style: Progressive Rock
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