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The band originally consisted of Karl Apelmo (vocals/guitar), Micke Pettersson (guitar), a bassplayer and a drummer. The drummer left/quit the band fairly promptly and was replaced by a guy named Mats. This line-up did some gigs in their hometown Eskilstuna and surrounding towns.

In the first quater of 2004 the bassplayer left the band and the drummer Mats took his place. This was also the year that the drummer Henrik Persson joined the group.

JIatRM recorded a demo tape and did some live gigs. At this time the bands ambitions weren't very high, all of the members had more serious band projects to invest in. Back then the main thing was to mess around playing "stupid-rock", the future wasn't a concept worth mentioning.

In early 2005 Mats moved to Gotland which resulted in the band more or less dying.

About two years later Micke became friends with Viktor Källgren and asked if he wanted to start playing bass, no questions asked, Viktor was a full time member of the band and the current line-up was formed.

So, in the fall of 2007 the band woke up from its coma, no one remembers why, it was quite a hazy time.

With a new bassplayer Jeremy Irons & The Ratgang Malibus recorded and released their debut album Elefanta by themselves and started to tour europe.

In 2010 the band made a decision to record a 4 track demo to be sent to Transubstans Records to see if they would be intrested in releasing the new album. And yes they were...the new album Bloom was released through Transubstans Records May 18th 2011.
Origin: Sweden
Status: Active