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In Stockholm back in 1980, Aladdin’s Lantern was formed by Peter Lindahl, Mikael Gejel and Ulf Hansson. Over the next decade, various musicians came and left. One was Karin Langhard-Gejel, another one was Stefan Andersson.

The style in which they played was mainly Middle Eastern, their playlist featuring both traditional numbers and material put together by some of the members themselves. The performances of Aladdin‘s Lantern included all sorts of assignments like backing up “belly dancers” and playing at clubs and festivals.

By the entry of the nineties, they had switched from being a part time live act to becoming a band more or less confined to the studio environment. Around ’93 the name Aladdin’s Lantern was swapped for Labyrinth and in ’94 to In The Labyrinth, which was essentially a way to avoid the risk of being confused with the heavy rock band Labyrinth.
Origin: Sweden
Status: Dissolved