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Gin Lady formed in early 2011 by members Joakim Karlsson, Magnus Kärnebro, Anthon Johansson, Fredrik Normark and Klas Holmgren. They landed a record deal with Transubstans Records in January 2012. The group is influenced by artists such as The Faces, Alice Cooper, Master’s Apprentices, Cream and Blue Oyster Cult. The sound is straightforward and heading for the roots of rock. Earlier ventures Black Bonzo and The All Janet clearly show the members taste for detail and perfection in their sound and songwriting, and by all means Gin Lady’s debut album simply entitled ”Gin Lady” is no exception. This album was released on Transubstans in May 2012.

Almost exactly one year later, after hard-core writing/recording sessions, the band returned with the double LP / CD "Mother's Ruin", which was released on Transubstans Records on 29th May.
Current line-up:
Magnus Kärnebro - Vocals
Joakim Karlsson: Electric Guitar, Vocals
Anthon Johansson: Bass, Vocals
Fredrik Normark: Drums
Klas Holmgren: Hammond B3, Piano, Mellotron, Vocals

Origin: Sweden
Status: Active