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Generous Maria first saw life in 1998 in Gothenburg, Sweden, and right from the get go they delivered some seriously infectious grooves and melodic hooks. The first real proof of this was the split E.P. with Skua that Spanish label Alone Records released almost six years ago.

Further proof of Generous Maria’s excellence as a hard rocking groove machine came when they got signed by Lunasound. Out of this union came a love child in the form of Generous Maria’s first fullength album titled “Command of the New Rock”. An album so good that it’s been said to “increase your sperm count and lower your IQ”.

Then Lunasound suddenly gave up the ghost and was bought up by Abstract Sounds… the end result of the “problems” this resulted in was that the rights of the “Command of the New Rock” album were given back to the band.

During all this Generous Maria managed to release a couple of songs on different compilations and even (self)release their first 7” vinyl single called “Crawl Back In”.

Generous Maria found a new home when the “Command of the New Rock” album was re-released through the Belgian label Buzzville Records in January 2005 in an expanded edition (including four bonus tracks taken from various compilations and from the “Crawl Back In” single).

And now, after among other things yet another European tour, there will finally be another chapter added to the ongoing Generous Maria saga. It comes in the form of a brand new album called “Electricism”. With this album the band have both managed to keep all those ingredients that makes the Generous Maria sound so unique and yet somehow also broaden their musical horizon in ways that probably will both surprise old fans and win them a lot of new ones.
Current line-up:
Mats - Drums
Danne - Guitar
Göran - Vocals
Jeppe - Bass

Origin: Sweden
Status: Active