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Gargamel was formed in the spring of 2001 by Tom Uglebakken, Bjorn Viggo Andersen and Morten Tornes. Jon Edmund Hansen and Geir Tornes joined in the summer and they held their first concert in November of 2001. They proceeded to record two songs which they released as an cd-r EP in the autumn of 2002. In the atumn of 2002 the band recruited Leif Erlend Hjelmen ..o, and went on to record three more songs, which together formed the Watch for the umbles album.

The music has clear roots to the experimental and progressive rock from the period of 68-75, and has a sound that reflects this. The band takes you into the sombre, powerful prog-landscape, with melancholic moods and psychedelic atmospheres. Often taking unexpected turns, adding surrealistic and peculiar touches. Drenched in heavy hammond organs, gloomy mellotrons and jazzy el-piano; combined with classical instruments like cello, flute and saxophone.

The debut album entitled Watch for the umbles was released on swedish Transubstans records in february of 2006 and recived great reviews in the international prog press.

The band has since 2002 gone thru some changes of members. Jon Edund quit in the autmn of 2002 before the extraordinary H&M gig. Bjorn Viggo left in the winter of 2003 to move abroad. Geir left in the summer of 2003 to work abroad. Leif Erlend left in the summer of 2004 to work abroad. Geir returned late 2004, and Arne Ton joined the band ..boards at the same time. Then Geir left the band again in the spring of 2006 and was replaced by Stig Joran Rygg.
Origin: Norway
Status: Dissolved