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The band started out in 2001 when Fredrik (bass) and Johan (guitar) both ended up living in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Being musicians, having played in the same band before and being friends for a long time, it was inevitable for them to start a band.
But it wasn't until Carl (drums) joined in 2002, that things started to take form.
A sound was born.

From there on they've been working on refining their sound. They've brought different musicians in to the band, changed locations, exchanged equipment, learnt new skills, played and jammed a lot.

Now when Petrus (organ) has been with them for some time, they're feeling stability as a four-piece band. He is both creative and skillful and he brings a new feeling to the music.

Since they started to produce their songs in their own studio, the possibilities for more complex arrangements have increased a lot.

Don't miss this incredible band!
Origin: Sweden
Status: Active