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Faith was founded back in 1984 by the three guys that have been the heart of the band ever since: Roger Johansson - guitars, Christer Nilsson - bas and vocals and Peter Svensson - drums. The first year another guitar player, Jorgen Thuresson, was also a member of the group.
The idea with the music was not to beat any speedrecord whatsoever but to make extremly heavy songs. The first compositions were based on Roger's dark chord-changes and Christer's lyrics that mainly were taken from Swedish history and lore. These first songs were recorded two cold days in January -85.
Quite soon after the first demo the band started the hard work of experimenting with weird beats and even more crazy chord-changes. After a tremendous amount of rehersals the "Faith"-demo was recorded. The result of this demo was pretty close to symphonic rock, however, yet very heavy.

Faith continued to explore their musical preferences, which inevitably led to a cooperation with Transubstans Records.
Current line-up:
Roger Johansson - Guitar
Christer Nilsson - Bass and vocals
Peter Svensson - Drums

Origin: Sweden
Status: Active