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According to the members of the band with the best memory, ETT ROP PÅ HJÄLP was formed in Gothenburg, Sweden, in 2008. Most critics who have come across the band’s recordings describe the sound in words like “Swedish prog”, “old school heavy rock”, or “stoner rock”. While not disagreeing with these descriptions, the band prefers to call their music “dodo-rock”, reflecting not only to the hard and heavy sound and the Swedish lyrics but also the band’s sources of inspiration: extinct animals, forestry, and the internet. The band has performed in numerous clubs and outdoor festivals and they have opened for well-known acts such as Graveyard and Kebnekajse.

Transubstans Records release the band’s debut album "Hur svårt Kan Det Vara?" in March 2012.
Current line-up:
Micke - Vocals
Kalle M & Rydan - Guitars
Kalle B - Bass
Tobbe - Drums

Origin: Sweden
Status: Active