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Origin: Sweden
Status: Active
Emma Nordenstam has during many years been writing and performing music for SR
(Swedish Radio) and she has performed at stages as Stockholms Stadsteater and
Göteborgs Stadsteater - most recent as musician and composer for the critically
acclaimed show "Astronauten som inte fick landa". She released her debut album
"Sånger mellan 18-22" in 2004, and the follow-up "Varje flickas dröm" in 2006.

Her sound is typical for the modern singer/songwriter -scene (Ternheim, Fern Knight etc.),
however, Emma successfully blends in elements of alternative dreamy folk. Her lyrics are
personal and dark - often with a humorous touch, which make them very characteristic.
Her 2006 album was co-produced by Jonas Jonasson (Bob Hund). Emma is also co-
producer and musician on EMIKA KLASDOTTER's album "Everything Is Screaming".