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Origin: Sweden
Status: Active
Emika Klasdotter has during many years been writing music together with Tommie
Thunström. They have been performing on small stages and clubs in Stockholm and now
their debut album is here, called ”Everything Is Screaming”. Emikas lyrics are about what
is close, real and fragility. She also writes about loneliness, love and the struggle within
the common man. The sound is typical for the modern singer/songwriter - scene
(Ternheim), Cat Power and PJ Harvey.
Some years ago Emika Klasdotter met Emma Nordenstam and Cecilia Klingspor and
they started to perform together. The atmospheric sound they formed together was
blended with Emikas and Tommies sound, which was based upon electric guitar. Emika
has also collaborated with Tom Hakava, BLOODMUSIC and FAMILJEN. Emma
Nordenstam is also co-producer and musician on this album and her album ”Response To
The Birddream” was released the same day as ”Everything Is Screaming”.