Current line-up:
Sandro - Vocals
Giorgio - Lead Guitar, Bass, Backing Vocals, Harmonica
Giuseppe - Rhythm Guitar
Giulio - Drums, Percussion

Origin: Italy
Status: Active

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Elevators to the Grateful Sky was started by Sandro Di Girolamo and Giuseppe Ferrara - both in now defunct brutal death metal duo Omega - in Palermo, 2011.

Soon joined by Bonham-worshipping drummer Giulio Scavuzzo (Palmanana, Horcus etc.) and by guitarist Giorgio Trombino (Haemophagus, Sergeant Hamster, Furious Georgie, Smuggler Brothers etc.), the band knew what to do right from the start. Creating music in the vein of early stoner/grunge and 70's rock while still trying to add personal touches to the mix.

From doom metal dirges to cool, pop-like lines or even psych-reggae sections, the Elevators aren't afraid to slide from the most grateful sky to the obscure bowels of hell. ETTGS's live activity has mostly taken place in Palermo: now, with their first full-length album Cloud Eye that was released by Transubstans records, the guys for sure make their voice heard!