Jazz rock, prog, psych, instrumental rock. Call it what you want.
Demoner wants to play the movie inside your head in order to create groove,
pain, anguish and ecstasy.

This band has got one foot in the psychedelic instrumental rock and the other one in
the afro-american improvisation music. In the middle of this there is a grand passion for soundtracks, and the timeless melancholy edge of Swedish folk music. Fläsket Brinner
meets Herbie Hancock. King Crimson meets Jaga Jazzist.
Kebnekajse meets Mahavishnu Orchestra, and so on...

Anakronism is the debut of Demoner. It was recorded in one weekend in October 2013 in Malmoe's own Tambourine Studios. All tracks were recorded live to capture the organic partnership between the musicians.
DEMONER: Anakronism
Viljan Till Ord
03 Anakronism
Gammeldags Ondska
05 Tredagarsblues

Digital release
: 2014-04-10
Style: Jazz Rock / Progressive
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