Current line-up:
Mikael Monks - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Jonas Hartikainen - Lead Guitar
Fredrik Evertsson - Bass
Martin Wijkström - Drums

Origin: Sweden
Status: Active

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Burning Saviours came together in 2003 when Mikael Marjanen (guitar) and Martin Wijkström (drums) discussed starting a heavy rock/doom metal band. They named the band after a Pentagram song from the album Day of Reckoning. They teamed up with bassist Fredrik Evertsson and vocalist Andrei Amartinesei to record their first demo entitled Dayterrors in 2004. Amartinesei picked up guitar in addition to vocals for their second demo, The Crusade of Evil, also recorded in 2004. The band soon discarded their previous songs and recorded a new demo, Into the Abyss in late 2004. This demo generated enough buzz to get the band added to the annual German "Doom Shall Rise III" festival in 2005 as well as a record contract with I Hate Records. Their self-titled debut was released in May 2005. Hundus, their second album, was released in June 2006 on I Hate Records. A single was released on Rise Above Records in December 2006. In late 2006, vocalist/guitarist Andrei Amartinesei parted ways with the band and was replaced by Fredrik Andersson on vocals and Henry Pyykkö on guitar. In October 2007 their third album, Nymphs and Weavers, was released by Transubstans Records. The band splits-up in january 2008.

Burning Saviours is back as a group in August 2010. Members are: Mikael Monks (ex.Marjanen) - Vocals & Rythm guitar (Original member, former rythm guitar on all recordings), Jonas Hartikainen - Lead Guitar , Fredrik Evertsson - Bass (original member) and Martin Wijkström - Drums (original member). Burning Saviours will focus on getting back to the sound of the two first albums and basically make pure doom songs without "hippie-influences". Burning Saviours is now a dark, heavy doomband with a 70´s sound to it.