Origin: Sweden
Status: Dissolved

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The band started jamming in the autumn of 2001, having their homebase in Malmö. The guitarist (Sebbe) and the keyboard player (Ola) came south from Örebro in 2000-2001 and met the freaks Dave and Kaufmann and started jamming. The band soon found they had quite a magical sound as they all come from very different musical backgrounds, with Dave and Kaufmann playing quite heavy rock or punk and Sabana and Ola playing in a psychedelic blues band. Together they create some very interesting instrumental psychedelic progressive space rock, also inspired by some Swedish folk music. The band has released a split vinyl LP (only 200 copies made) with a Swedish band called Soviet. In addition, a self released 4 track CD-R was released in 2003 named I Grévens Tid. / Scott Heller In 2008 "I Grévens Tid" got a proper release and can be ordered on recordheaven.net.