Through the last 15 years Abramis Brama has released heavy, ecstatic,
riff-oriented hard rock with Swedish lyrics and with the new album "Enkel Biljett",
the band continues their journey with new found energy.

As the band's sixth studio album, "Enkel Biljett" proudly shares the heavy hard rock
foundation with it's predecessors and at the same time showcasing other
dimensions of Abramis Brama than previously recorded.

2012 was a year of evolution in Abramis Brama, bassist and co-founding member
Dennis Berg left the band after having completed a European tour including a live
performance on the legendary German Tv show Rockpalast. Soon after, the
remaining members found just what they were looking for in Mats Rydström
(Backdraft, Pontus Snibb 3) who gladly accepted the offer to join the band.
This progression gave the band new energy and inspiration that transpired in
the studio and lead to nine vigorous songs.

The title track and lead single "Enkel Biljett" was released in January 2014 (as a split vinyl with tour brothers Black Debbath of Norway). It was immediately picked up by the Swedish national radio and other commercial radio stations.

In Swedish the title "Enkel Biljett" means one-way ticket, and the album is injected with a new spark and fire. The heavy riffs are of course still present as well as the psychedelic folky elements. Yet this time around there's more to comprehend, savor and appreciate..
ABRAMIS BRAMA: Enkel Biljett
Enkel Biljett
Blåa Toner
Vaggar Mig Till Ro
Ett Steg Från Graven
S.M.E.L. (Sanning, Myter Eller Lögn)
Ber Om Nåd
Lång Tripp
In Aeternum (Et Semper)
Jonzos Bolero
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Released: 2014-05-02
Format: CD, Digipak
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Style: 70's Hard Rock
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