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1971 - Started as a 4 piece band and were then called Libbet Sväller. We played songs of Jimi Hendrix and Black Sabbath in the beginning. We played a lot around Sweden mostly summer festivals. We use to do very long jams so if we played for an hour maybe we did 2 or 3 songs.

1976 - We change our name to Rävjunk (Foxpiss) in english and became one of Swedens first punkbands.

1977 - We recorded our only album called "Uppsala Stadshotell Brinner" on the album there is 3 punksongs, maybe these 3 songs are the first punksongs ever to be recorded in Sweden???

1978 - Rävjunk became the first punkband to play at Rackis in Uppsala also Rävjunk became the first punkband to play at Musikforum in Uppsala. We played together with Gudibrallan. That was big news in the papers that a punkband and a progband could play togheter. What the newspapers didn..t know was that Rävjunk and Gudibrallan used to share the same rehearsal studio.

1979 - We released the single "Bohman,Bohman" and we got banned on the Swedish Radio for that song. We also recorded the ep with Rävjunk.

1980 - Recorded the single "Ensam på scen" we also recorded a ep that never was released. So somewhere in Sweden in someones attic lays 1500 sleeves for that ep. Rävjunk played there last gig at Musikforum Uppsala 22 october 1980.

1981 - Rävjunk broke up mostly because we didn..t have a place to rehears. Also there was a lot of bad gossips about the band.

1984 - Rävjunk play a one of gig at Rackis, we also released the ep "Bohman,Bohman."

1992 - Another one of gig at Barowiak Uppsala.

2001 - Rävjunk played at bandpromotor Uffe Carlstens 50th birthdaysparty.

2005 - Gilberth and Uncle began to listen to all the tapes of music that Rävjunk recorded. We recorded nearly everything all the rehearsals and all the gigs. So theres a lot to listen to.

2007 - Uppsala Stadhotell Brinner is due to be released on cd with bonustrack later on these year. Maybe we do a cd box in a couple of years time.
Origin: Sweden
Status: Active